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Social Bookmarking

I came across this social bookmarking service from a webmaster forum and the social bookmarking service is called post toaster & is currently in beta stage.

Looks impressive and has been built with SEO in mind. Post Toaster is a time saving social bookmarking service which includes an option to select sites that do not support the nofollow attribute.

How to use:
Click on the lion logo above and drag and drop into your toolbar. This is your Post Toaster bookmarklet for easy posting. When entering titles and descriptions you can enter up to four of each. Post Toaster will randomly pair them for you within each submission. You must check the checkbox to the right of the title and description fields to activate your data.



For the full link please see

Google and Back Links

Good Morning

There is a common belief that when you check Google backlinks using info:domain Google is showing all the links that influence its rankings. Unfortunately not the Google backlink checker is not a SEO Tool and it does not display all links that weight its algothrithm.

Please see below:
1: The Google backlink check is not an SEO tool.

2: The backlink search does not represent the sum total of all links that Google knows about your site.

3: The backlinks shown do not represent links that are counting as part of your backlinks.

4: Just because it shows up in the backlink search does not mean Google is using it for your ranking.

5: Just because a backlink is missing does not mean Google is unaware of it

6: Just because a backlink is missing does not mean Google is not counting it for ranking purposes.