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Ranking Test

See below for updates

We are performing a little experiment to see if we can get this page ranking for Tom’s Fruity Mug and how quickly it takes. Keep an eye out on the results through this link .


So it’s a few hours later and the blog’s home page is appearing in the Google serps for Tom’s fruity mug

Update 2:

So we were fairly happy as we reached number 7 for all the web and number 1 for the Uk listings in Google. We could finally quit our job’s and start up our dream business around they keyword “Tom’s Fruity Mug” but alas Google has removed us from the top 100 for the term. Does this mean Google places temporary listings boosts for blog posts but then removes them after a certain period? It’s not like anyone is truely competing for that exact phrase, so why are we not the most relevant listing. Good job this was just a test and we didn’t want to start a mug business (looks around nervously)