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Google Places Can Help You and Your Business

Google Places Can Help You and Your Business

Google Places Can Help You and Your Business

or many of us looking for a particular range of services or a certain type of business the first place we look is on the internet, but more importantly its worth noting that most of us will probably opt for using the Google search engine to make these searches.

To define a search or find the location of a particular business the next place to search is Google Maps or Google Places. The Google maps search function has revolutionised the way we search for places and businesses on the internet. Continue reading

Changes to how Google Maps appear in search results

Im not sure whether Google are testing out a new way to display Google Maps in the main search results or if it is a permanent change. In the past for certain searches, a massive map would be displayed below the top 3  ppc ads meaning that even if you were in first position you were still being shown at the bottom of the browser page.

When checking some results today I noticed that the map seems to have been moved to the right hand side of the screen and now hovers and moves as you scroll down the results. One strange result of this is that it now covers up some of the PPC results which is surely going to anger some people!

People who are appearing on the maps and also have a top 10 listing,  now have a red marker next to their listing indicating where they are on the map.

Is anyone seeing this new way of displaying the Google Maps or is it just us?

The new way Google seems to be showing the Google Map

The new way Google seems to be showing the Google Map

Key Advances in the Google Search Engine have recently published an interesting look at google and it’s algorithm. One of my favourite parts of the article is where it breaks down the Key Advances the company has made over the years. To read the rest of the article, click here

Backrub [September 1997]
This search engine, which had run on Stanford’s servers for almost two years, is renamed Google. Its breakthrough innovation: ranking searches based on the number and quality of incoming links.

New algorithm [August 2001]
The search algorithm is completely revamped to incorporate additional ranking criteria more easily.

Local connectivity analysis [February 2003]
Google’s first patent is granted for this feature, which gives more weight to links from authoritative sites.

Fritz [Summer 2003]
This initiative allows Google to update its index constantly, instead of in big batches.

Personalized results [June 2005]
Users can choose to let Google mine their own search behavior to provide individualized results.

Bigdaddy [December 2005]
Engine update allows for more-comprehensive Web crawling.

Universal search [May 2007]
Building on Image Search, Google News, and Book Search, the new Universal Search allows users to get links to any medium on the same results page.

Real-Time Search [December 2009]
Displays results from Twitter and blogs as they are published.