Improving The Visibility of Your Business Website

How easy is it to find your website or business online using one of the major search engines? How often do you update your website? And when was the last time it was updated or assessed by a web professional?

If you have answered don’t know, or not check recently, then chances are you website is floundering or hidden down the Search Engine Ranking Page results (or SERPS). As a company or business website needs to be tended to and updated on a frequent basis, to keep it in good online shape.

Many users don’t just search for information or businesses using a desktop computer anymore, as there are many different types of technology that makes it easy to access the internet. These can often be on mobile internet devices link Smartphone’s, wifi enabled mp3 players, gaming consoles and even flat-screen televisions.

First it would be prudent to have your website assessed by a web development professional who is a specialist in SEM (or search engine marketing). From here the online health of your website can be obtained and see whether your website is cross-platform compatible and search friendly.

Next, check over your website page by page to make sure all links are correct and working, as well as check through content and update where it relevant. Your chosen web professional will check and amend the source code, such as; Meta descriptions, meta tags, H1 header tags and the relevant website URL’s in relation to your desired keywords. These first steps should see a difference to your website rankings and online visibility.

So for more information getting a SEM health check for your business, contact Accord one of the prominent UK Advertising Agencies, who can help your business grow online and raise the profile of your website.