Google Places Can Help You and Your Business

Google Places Can Help You and Your Business

Google Places Can Help You and Your Business

or many of us looking for a particular range of services or a certain type of business the first place we look is on the internet, but more importantly its worth noting that most of us will probably opt for using the Google search engine to make these searches.

To define a search or find the location of a particular business the next place to search is Google Maps or Google Places. The Google maps search function has revolutionised the way we search for places and businesses on the internet.

Although from another perspective if you are a business, it is a must for you to have a Google Places profile listed for your company on Google Maps and also keep the content, contact information and most of all make sure your place maker is located at your exact proximity.

It is a straight forward process to make sure you have a listing and if not complete the entry form to create one.

You will be able to add things like services offered to customers, your email and website links, also you will be permitted to add a number of photo’s to your “Google Places” page. This will allow your Google listing to be easily spotted by potential customers, plus stand out from your competitors.

Your Google maps business listing will accessible to a number of devices such as; a personal computer, apple mac computer, a tablet or even handheld devices like a smart-phone, this means people can find you even when they are on the move.

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Image Credit: Google (Google Places)