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A picture can say 1000 words? Wrong.

Unlike humans, search engines don’t see images, so the more image rich your site is the less likely a search engine will understand its content. This is a predicament for any web developer/owner because they want to have a website that stands out from its competition and is aesthetically pleasing, showing off the products/services they are selling to the best of their ability. A website without images would be to most people a rather boring site to be on but how do you achieve a site that is not only pleasing on the eye but also manages to rank well in the search engines? Fear not, there is one SEO element that can easily be implemented as well as getting the opportunity to reinforce your keyword phrases. Assigning ALT text to all the important images on your site will enable the search engine to ‘see’ the image and understand its content thus ranking it accordingly.

Add the ALTernate text to the HTML tag so this is displayed by the browser when a user scrolls the cursor over the image. This is also good practice for any web owner to aid the visually impaired who views your site. Contributing to usability and accessibility always gets a thumbs up and by implementing this strategy you are not only providing more content for the ‘spiders’ but also the users as well.

Tip: Keep ALT text descriptions as informative and closely related to the image subject as possible and keep it short and sweet.

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Social Media Guide

social media

Over at SEOmoz they have published a new social media guide to find the best and most useful website to help you promote your business or clients. The guide lists a massive 101 social sites that you can use, the top 25 most popular social media sites and the popularity of social media around the world (try and guess which country has the most social media users, I bet you don’t get it right!). Handily there are links to many site guides on the page to help you get the most out of your social media experience. And if all that wasn’t enough they even give you little social media badges such as the one below to use on your own site and blogs.

SEOmoz Social Media Marketing

View SEOmoz’s Social Media Marketing Guide

Google Link Building Tip

After reading on lifehacker that google have added some new search options to refine your searches I had a brain wave. One of the new features is to narrow your search by “Visited Pages” and “Not yet visited”. If you spend alot of time searching through the serps for possible websites to request a link from, narrowing your search down to “Not yet visited” will be a great help as it will only show you websites you have never visited before (and presumably already requested a link from).

Please note to get these new search options, you need to be logged into a gmail account.