The Competitive Link Finder

SEOmoz Linkscape tool is part of the armory of most SEO companies. Linkscape allows you to put definable metrics on incoming links, DmR, mR, DmT. The team at SEOmoz has now developed a new tool on the back of linkscape called The Competitive Link Finder.

It works by comparing you to your competition. You simply enter your URL and compare it against your competitors. The Competitive Link Finder then reviews all the incoming links to you and your competitors website and produces a targetable lists of linking websites. This list is normally 1 – 25 and ranked on SEOmoz factors (DmR, mR, DmT,)

It works by identifying websites where you are not found, analyzing link metrics and then producing a list of target links, it is that simple.

The tool ignores nofollow links, so you’re only seeing pages that have actual, live links to at least two of your competitors.

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