The W3C Question

W3C Validation

The W3C was started in 1994 to lead the Web to its full potential by developing common protocols that promote the web evolution

The Big questions is does W3C impact on your search placement in Google. Research done by Hobo SEO, still shows that Google prefers pages build to W3C XHTML and HTML compliant standardsĀ  and it can make a difference. I take this as very good news that Google is still promoting website that invest in this standard of the web.

I have always believed that being W3C c compliant can make the difference when competing for position if your benchmarks are very similar. However, not being W3C compliant does not mean you will not rank in the search engines, which I have heard before, simply that your website could have more potential to rank higher.

Finally a what is the W3C?

  • W3C Stands for the World Wide Web Consortium
  • W3C was created in October 1994
  • W3C was created by Tim Berners-Lee
  • W3C was created by the Inventor of the Web
  • W3C is organized as a Member Organization
  • W3C is working to Standardize the Web
  • W3C creates and maintains WWW Standards
  • W3C Standards are called W3C Recommendation

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