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Sitemaps and Navigation

As we have established from our previous posts on the South West SEO blog, there are many elements that are required for good quality Search Engine Optimisation on your website. Meta tags, Alt text and Anchor text are just a few elements that reinforce your website with the search engines, but something that is sometimes overlooked by people are the benefits of a good sitemap.

You would be right in thinking that not a vast amount of people use site maps, but they are proving to be an invaluable tool for the search engines to help navigate through the content of your website. There are two types of sitemap that you should be looking at which are the xml sitemap and a HTML sitemap.

HTML Sitemap
Adding a HTML sitemap to your site will allow users to navigate through the content of your website with great ease. Allowing HTML links from the site map is a great way to allow people to go directly to the content that they are looking for.  This will also allow the search engine spiders to crawl the websites content and pick up on any keywords that a user might be searching for.

XML Sitemap
This is a must for anyone wanting to allow search engines to crawl your website. This can seriously boost your search engine traffic referrals from search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. These are really the three main search engines you should be looking at obtaining good rankings in, as they have the majority share of the market.

Click the link for a little bit more information about what sitemaps actually are