Congratulations Barack and the US

In light of Barack Obama being announced as the 44th US President I thought I would take a look at Google’s top 10 Search result listings for his name. So overall it looks like we have some good quality relevant results with no spammy sites jumping on the band wagon.

After some News posts we have the number one result, the official Campaign Page for Barack. Next up we have the wikipedia page for Barack where you can learn everything (well almost) you wanted to know about America’s next president. For the hipper voters, in the top 10 we have Obama’s Facebook, MySpace and Twitter feeds. It seems that Obama or his team are certainly up with current web trends and I truly believe that the Internet has played a substantial role in his Presidential win. These web 2.0 results are followed up by some good old fashioned News Outlets to keep you up to date with the role.

Im sure the McCain party tried to use the Internet to their advantage, but it just seemed during the presidential run that the Internet generally speaking had Obama’s back.

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