Common Mythological Mistakes of the SEO Universe!

Every specialised sector has its own set of myths. “Knowledge” that people within the SEO world take to be true is no different. Unfortunately we are more than likely to succumb to these myths as tactics that may have worked last year, month or week might not hold as much relevance today. Below we have a list of some of our Favourite SEO Myths:

1 – Submitting to the search engines is the only way to get your site listed.

2 – Meta tags are vital to SEO.

3 – Filling your alt text with keywords will ensure you decent ranking results.

4 – Search Engine Rankings are the only metric worth measuring.

5 – There’s a faultless keyword density that if you use on your site will result in excellent ranking results.

6 – Your home page has to contain every one of your keywords.

7 – You have to put keywords in your headline in order for your page to rank well.

8 – Not Using <H1> tags will prevent you from achieving top placement.

9 – More traffic always leads to sales.

10 – SEO executives are too expensive.

11 – SEO is all about secret tactics and tricks that only the “A list SEO’s” know about.

12 – The more links you have the better the ranking result.

13 – Google owes you a number 1 listing because you’ve followed their guidelines.

14 – Search Engine Optimization is a collection of tricks to fool search engines.

15 – SEO requires continual manipulation in order to keep up with changes in the search engines’ ranking algorithms.

16 – SEO is straightforward to learn.

17 – The only goal of SEO is to be number one in Google.

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