So Wong it’s Right!

We often hear about social bookmarking and its future importance to SEO but what exactly is it? There are many different sites who allow their users to save/organize and manage the bookmarks to their favourite sites. These are then made available publicly so that other users can check out peoples favourite or most popular bookmarks.

These bookmarks are generally saved as tags which can then be found when someone searches for that particular sector. I.E. Someone searching for “online seo blog” will come across other users favourite bookmarks to do with online seo blogs. Most social bookmarking sites also provide a feed that will show a user when a friend of theirs has added a new bookmark so that they can then check it out. Traffic wise for a site you can obviously see the benefits of new people being given access to your site every day but is there really much benefit SEO wise?

There is now, thanks to Mister Wong. Already known as an authority site in the social bookmarking world, Mister Wong has approximately 4 million visitors every month looking to use their excellent bookmarking service. As well as being able to access your bookmarks wherever you are in the world there are benefits to help you sites rankings. Mister Wong is a PR 8 site and offers do follow links this will obviously be beneficial when it comes to link building. But beware, use sparingly otherwise you might get banned!

For more info on Social Bookmarking check out this video.

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