You at the back of the class, I hope you’re not copying!

One of the biggest parts of SEO is content creation, whether it is for your website, blog or articles. Google loves good fresh relevant content, but as we all are aware we can’t be experts on every subject. So a bit of Internet research will be required to come up with this great content. You may have heard of “duplicate content” which is the big supposed no no that will get you in trouble and / or the content ignored.  So how can we be sure the content we are posting is unique? One website we have found allows you to copy and past your article/content and it will scour the net to find if it is found somewhere else. After scanning it gives you an Plagiarism score, hopefully being low so that you know your content is unique. If you are interested in creating good unique content i suggest you check out the Plagiarism Detection System website out.

3 thoughts on “You at the back of the class, I hope you’re not copying!

  1. Ashley Gilmour Post author

    I have never used copyscape before but having a quick look at it, I would say the main difference with copyscape and the plagiarism detect site is that you can search for duplicates of content before publishing them on your site with plagiarism detect. We use this site to check every article and blog post to make sure they are unique.


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