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You at the back of the class, I hope you’re not copying!

One of the biggest parts of SEO is content creation, whether it is for your website, blog or articles. Google loves good fresh relevant content, but as we all are aware we can’t be experts on every subject. So a bit of Internet research will be required to come up with this great content. You may have heard of “duplicate content” which is the big supposed no no that will get you in trouble and / or the content ignored.  So how can we be sure the content we are posting is unique? One website we have found allows you to copy and past your article/content and it will scour the net to find if it is found somewhere else. After scanning it gives you an Plagiarism score, hopefully being low so that you know your content is unique. If you are interested in creating good unique content i suggest you check out the Plagiarism Detection System website out.

High street companies who don’t care about organic traffic

We are members of the awesome SEOmoz and regularly read the blog posts they put up. One of the newer ones is about how high street retailers don’t bother with SEO and prefer ppc over organic results. Read the article here. Can you think of any major retailers that do badly in the organic results or ones who do outstanding?

A nice example is Currys vs Comet and their “Washing Machine” Pages

In the Red Corner is Currys with their URL:
and in the blue corner is Comet and their URL:

Who will win the battle and appear in the top 10 of google for “washing machine”? Place your bets and click here to find out

Social Bookmarking

I came across this social bookmarking service from a webmaster forum and the social bookmarking service is called post toaster & is currently in beta stage.

Looks impressive and has been built with SEO in mind. Post Toaster is a time saving social bookmarking service which includes an option to select sites that do not support the nofollow attribute.

How to use:
Click on the lion logo above and drag and drop into your toolbar. This is your Post Toaster bookmarklet for easy posting. When entering titles and descriptions you can enter up to four of each. Post Toaster will randomly pair them for you within each submission. You must check the checkbox to the right of the title and description fields to activate your data.



For the full link please see

Find Google/Yahoo’s favourite pages.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie, ever wondered how to check what pages on your site carry the most link juice for the main search engines? Well wonder no more, below is an example of how you can find your strongest pages on Google and Yahoo.

In Google and/or Yahoo simply type in inurl:www and it will give you results as follows for our online seo blogGoogle Results, Yahoo Results

Both results will probably vary due to their respective algorithms but it should give you an idea on which pages have more juice so that you can redirect it to pages that need it.

Should Firefox be worried, here comes Chrome

So most of you will now have heard that Google has unveiled the beta version of its new browser Chrome. But will this new Google blessing become king of the browsers? Early opinions are positive with many applauding the browsers speed, igognito mode and Java handling. But will people be persuaded to ditch Firefox or IE. While researching Chrome I found this interesting post that shows how you can use Firefox add-ons to recreate some of Chrome’s new features. Let us know what you think of the new browser.

Google tips and tricks: No 1

Every person working in SEO has probably found themselves manually counting down Google results to find where their site is. Assuming you use Firefox like everyone with an ounce of sense should, then you need to install the Greasemonkey add-on and then install the Numbered Google script for it. Voila you now should save minutes off of your day.