Top 5 sure-fire ways to irritate Google

Here at South West SEO we are whiter than white but if you want to risk playing with the dark arts here are some techniques that could get you banned.

1 – Using Hidden Text – This technique will see you get you in hot water very quickly. Usually it will involve white text put onto a white background, this will certainly get your site blacklisted.

2 – Copying content – Stealing other sites content and using it on your own will get you in deep trouble it’s as simple as that. If you want to remain in Google’s good books write your own!

3 – Keyword Stuffing – We all want our specific keywords to rank highly but overusing your keyword in your content will see you penalised. For example: Our Keyword here is one of the finest Keyword here in the market. If you need Keyword here information visit Keyword for more info. This is the right way to go if you want your site blacklisted.

4 – Hidden Links – There are many website owners out there who think that they can use hidden links and that Google won’t notice. Try and hide a one square pixel on your page and the Googlebots will find you.

5 – Cloaking – A Black hat SEO technique that shows the user one page and Google another. When a sites user is found to be a googlebot (or other search engine spider) a server side script will send it a separate version of the web page. This page will contain different information to the one seen by a human user thus tricking the search engine into thinking the page is better than it really is. There are plenty of programs out there that can help you do this but if you do you’re asking to be banned.

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